Most photo enthusiasts know DJI mainly from the innovative drones they have introduced. But DJI has got a lot more to offer to photographers and videographers. The Chinese brand also develops, designs and manufactures high quality stabilization systems, gimbals and handheld video cameras. All of these products are distinguished by the beautiful design and optimum ease of use. Although DJI only exists since 2006, it is a serious option for everyone who wants to create digital images.

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Discover a new world with DJI

The technique in the photography industry continues to evolve. And DJI ensures that it uses current technical capabilities to develop products that make life of photographers and videographers easier, throughout the world. And more interesting. After all, seeing the world from above was only possible for a few, until recently. But thanks to the innovative power of DJI, now everyone can view and capture the world from that particular perspective.

Global expansion of DJI

In 2006 DJI was founded in China, Shenzhen. This city is in the region that is internationally regarded as the Asian variant of Sillicon Valley. Thus, there is a wide range of young creative minds and there are the means to make good ideas into good-running products. Similarly, DJI. What started out as a small company with some employees is now a worldwide operating organization with offices in America, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and Hong Kong. And that gives DJI the ability to serve photographers and videographers worldwide.

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