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Pentax Weitwinkel Objektiv

A Pentax wide-angle lens is a lens with a large angle of view. Wide-angle lenses have an extra-large angle of view. This means that they can capture much of the environment; much of what you see, you can actually get in the picture. A Pentax wide-angle lens is therefore very suitable for landscape and architecture photography.

8 Artikel

8 Artikel

<h2>Discover the world with a Pentax wide-angle lens</h2>
If you're using a Pentax wide-angle lens, you can capture the world around you in optima forma. These camera lenses have focal lengths between 10 and 35mm, more or less. This allows you to capture a beautiful scene. For example, if you walk through a landscape and you see a stream beside a forest edge, after which the hay begins, you can capture all these aspects of nature. The same goes for the city. If you are in front of a cathedral with a wide-angle lens, you can shoot the entire building at once. If you have a lens with a focal length of, for example, 55mm, you will never capture the building in one shot. Unless you step very far away. A Pentax wide-angle lens is therefore a lens, which may not be missing in a photographer's bag. You also have the choice of many different models. Both fixed focal length and zoom.