Dash cam

A dashcam is a camera that records during a car ride. The dashcam is attached to the inside of the windscreen and films the entire journey, which can be useful if you have an accident. The dashboard camera is often equiped with a a GPS system so that it also records speed, location and direction. A dashcam is very user friendly and easy to install.

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10 Item(s)

Why a dashcam?

A dashcam ensures that you can on the road with a safe feeling. A dashcam is increasingly used as evidence in case of accidents. In case of an accident, a dangerous situation caused by another road user, theft or damage you can use the captured images as evidence when you file a report.

What should you consider when using a dashcam

A dashboard camera can not obstruct the view of the driver. In the Netherlands filming is allowed on public roads, but for example if you go on holiday abroad, different rules apply in some countries. In Austria and Portugal, the use of a dashcam prohibited. In Germany, Belgium and France, the speed warning, which is built into some dash cams is prohibited. You're allowed to make images of a dashcam public, but you may not publish images whereby someone is recognizable or license plates are clearly visible.

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