Used Products

Photospecialist is able to offer its customers used products at greatly reduced prices in addition to our large range of new products.

Condition of Used Products

All used items that are listed on Photospecialist website are fully tested by us for damage and to assess their ability to work correctly. Of course the price of used equipment offered is based on the condition of the product. See all our used products in our Used World

1 Year Warranty

As we carefully test and assess all used equipment offered by Photospecialist, we are able to offer a I Year Warranty on all of our used equipment. This will give you a feeling of security and comfort to know that we will take care of problems that might arise during that first year. During the guarantee period Photospecialist arranges everything needed to get your product collected, inspected, repaired and returned to you. Worry free ownership!

The + 1 Year Used Product Warranty Plan

Photospecialist is pleased to offer you an addition to the already generous one year standard used product guarantee. You can purchase an extension of one extra year so giving you total security for 2 years.
Like the 1 year standard used product guarantee, our + 1 Year Used Product Warranty Plan applies to all used items that we sell. For a modest fee, Photospecialist will take care of everything to get it fixed, and at no cost to you during these 2 years.

  • No investigation costs
  • No transport costs
  • No repair costs

Exclusions from Warranty:

  • Damage caused by impact or shock
  • Broken screens
  • Damage caused by moisture or water ingress
  • Damage caused by improper use

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