Update the firmware of your camera


Why should I update the firmware?

You control your camera thanks to the firmware. The operating software ensures that your camera is fully functional and that all the buttons do what they should do. Manufacturers of photo cameras and video cameras frequently optimize the firmware. That way they try to give you an even better user experience.

As a customer, you have the ability to update the firmware of your camera free of charge. The current operating software is then replaced by a new version. This provides improved or even completely new functionalities.

When can I update firmware?

When you register your camera through the manufacturer's website, you will be notified via email when you can update the firmware of your camera. When you are going to register the camera, you will need the serial number. The manufacturer then knows exactly what model camera you have.

You can also choose not to register your camera. Then you will not be notified if a firmware update is available. Then you can best visit the manufacturer’s website a few times a year for any available firmware updates.

How do I update firmware?

You must first download the firmware to a PC. Then copy the software on a memory card. After you put the card in your camera, you can install the firmware. The installation of the new firmware will proceed automatically; you only have to agree.

However, please note that you have a fully charged battery in your camera. When the installation process is aborted half-way, your camera may not be working properly anymore.

More information

In the manual of your camera, you can often read exactly how to update your firmware. Also, on the manufacturer's website, you can find enough information on this.

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