Canon macro lens

With a Canon macro lens, you can shoot subjects very close. For example, if you want to photograph a flower or insect, use a macro lens. For most lenses, the shortest focussing distance is about 1 meter, but with a 100mm macro lens, the shortest focussing distance is 29. You can therefore come much closer to a subject, making a very detailed image. Most macro lenses have a focal length of around 100mm. With a Canon macro lens you will discover a world that is usually too small to observe.

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7 Item(s)

Experience a new dimension with a Canon macro lens

You will usually not notice the life of insects, plants and flowers. Even if you photograph. Except that you often do not notice them, your everyday photo equipment is also not suitable for capturing small objects. By far not all lenses can focus on small subjects. To do this, you usually have to take a few steps back, but then you will miss the special details. With a Canon macro lens you can prevent that. It gives you as a photographer handles for making special images of a particular world.

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