Camera waist bag

A camera waist bag is an easy-to-wear carrier. You simply wear this camera bag on your hips. This camera waist bag provides space for a limited amount of items. A camera waist bag is very useful when you get on the road with 1 body and 1 lens. A big advantage of this type of bag is that you can easily pack your items without having to remove the bag from your back or put it on the ground.

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Lots of freedom with a camera waist bag

A camera waist bag gives you a lot of freedom of movement because you carry the bag on your hip, giving you 2 hands free. A big advantage is that you can easily and quickly grab your camera.

Camera waist bag material

Do you opt for a nylon or polyester camera bag? The Vanguard brand is made of polyester. The other brands are made of nylon. Do you want a camera bag of water repellent nylon? Then choose a camera bag of the Manfrotto or Lowepro brand. A great advantage of the Manfrotto and Vanguard camera waist bags is the ability to use it as a camera shoulder bag, thanks to the shoulder strap provided.

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