Camera holster

A camera holster is specifically designed to carry and protect your SLR with lens. Due to the specific shape of an SLR camera with lens, the camera holster has a special look. The camera holster is wide on top and narrow on the bottom. Thanks to its unique shape, you can take your camera as a combination on the go, so you're ready to shoot immediately. You will not lose any time attaching the lens to the camera.

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Camera holster is a top loader

You can load the camera holster from the top and take your camera out of the bag. Due to the specific shape, the camera with lens fit in only 1 way: with the lens downward. This makes it easy for you to take the camera out of the camera holster by grabbing the body and you immediately have your camera in the optimal position.

What do you take in the camera holster?

A camera holster is generally not large and offers space for one body with lens and optionally an additional battery or other smaller accessories. There are also holster bags with a longer holster, so you can take a body with a larger zoom lens. Holster bags are therefore a good choice if you do not take more than one combination with you.

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