Byomic Study Microscope BYO-15

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Byomic Study Microscope BYO-15

The BYO-15 from Byomic can be regarded as the more serious entry-level model in the study model range. It has a metal viewing table of 100 x 100 mm and two object clamps. The BYO-15 is opposite to the BYO-10 equipped with an aperture disc instead of a mirror. The aperture disc is placed under the stage plate and allows you to control the amount of light by simply turning this disc. You can easily control focusing through the focusing wheel. The BYO-15 is equipped with a solid metal casing.

The magnification is 40x up to 400x. This magnification is achieved with the aid of the WF 10x eyepiece and the three different achromatic lenses with a magnification of 4x, 10x and 40x. The BYO-15 is equipped with an additional tube to which an additional eyepiece or a USB eyepiece (with a diameter of 18mm) can be connected. All the optical parts of the BYO-15 are equipped with a protective coating. The microscope is ideal for schools and starting hobbyists.

In the Box

  • Study Microscope BYO-15
  • 2x WF10x Eyepiece
  • 2x lens (DIN-Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x)
  • Spare lamp
  • Fuse
  • Protective cover
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Byomic Study Microscope BYO-15
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Byomic Study Microscope BYO-15

Byomic Study Microscope BYO-15


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