Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED

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Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED

The BYO-ST3LED Stereo Microscope by Byomic is equipped with a sturdy metal casing. The BYO-ST3LED has an illuminated object plate, a big advantage over the BYO-ST3. The microscope has a magnification of 20x and 40x, an optional objective could make it up to 80x. The magnification is achieved through the two 10x wide angle eyepieces and a set of 2x and 4x objective lenses.

The BYO-ST3LED features a 45 degree stereo view with two tubes, the eye relief can be adjusted between 55 and 75mm. The microscope offers excellent value for money, making it very suitable for novice hobbyists and schools. The right ocular ocular is equipped with a diopter compensation wheel providing you with a clear, focused view.

The BYO-ST3LED is supplied with object clamps, an object observation plate and a set of rubber eyepieces. All optical parts of the microscope feature an anti-fungus coating. The maximum height is 135mm, measured between the table and the objective. All optical parts of the microscope are equipped with an anti-fungus coating.

Contents of the package

  • Microscope BYO-ST3LED
  • Protective cover
  • Power cord and adapter
  • 1 Pair rubber eye pieces
  • 1 Pair oculars WF10x - 20mm
  • 2 Object plates black/white and glass - diameter 60mm
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Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED
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