Bresser Microscope preparations 30 pieces: Human

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Bresser Microscope preparations 30 pieces: Human

Always wanted to know how humans look on the inside? That is possible with this Brenner 30-pieces Preparation Set. For contrast enhancement these are already colored. The following prepared slides can be found in this set:

  • Loose Connective Tissue, W.M.
  • Hyaline Cartilage, Sec.
  • Elastic Cartilage, Sec.
  • Spinal Cord, C.S.
  • Clavicle, S.S.
  • Dense Bone, Sec.
  • Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation W.M.
  • Skeletal Muscle, L.S.C.S.
  • Tendon Rabbit, Sec.
  • Squamous Epithelium Smear From Human Mouth
  • Simple Flat Epithelium W.M.
  • Stratified Flat Epithelium, Sec.
  • Ciliated Epithelium, Sec.
  • Human Skin Sec, Through Hair Follicle
  • Human Skin Sec, Through Sweat Follicle
  • Lung, Sec.
  • Lung With Blood Vessels Injected, Sec.
  • Kidney with Blood. Vessels Injected. Rat. Sec.
  • Artery & Vein, C.S.
  • Human Blood, Smear.
  • Lymph Node, Sec.
  • Thyroid Gland
  • Wall of Stomach, Sec.
  • Small Intestine, C.S.
  • Liver, Sec.
  • Cardiac Muscle Sec
  • Testis Sec.
  • Ovary, Sec.
  • Kidney L.S
  • Human Chromosome
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Bresser Microscope preparations 30 pieces: Human
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