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Bresser Microscope Object and Cover Glasses

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Bresser Microscope Object and Cover Glasses

Bresser Microscope Object and Covers Glasses are a must for every biological microscope. These Bresser slides are ideal to put your preparation on. If needed you can cover it with a cover glass, so that the 'object' is located between the cover glass and the object glass. All liquid objects such as bacteria in water, blood, and very small organisms are placed on an object glass. The object glass can then be, if desired, covered with a cover glass so that the object fluid 'sticks' between the two slides and does not slip off of the preparation.

Slides are usually used for biological microscopes with a relatively high magnification. Because slides are translucent (and biological microscopes usually have lower light) the light shines through it and may well be observed. In addition, most biological microscopes also have a slide table, which is precisely designed to clamp and slide the object glass back and forth.

Package Contents

  • 50x Object Glasses
  • 100x Cover Glasses
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Bresser Microscope Object and Cover Glasses
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