BRESSER BR-2246B + Background Kit OUTLET

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Bresser BR-2246B Daylight Set 2250W OUTLET

The Bresser BR-2264B Daylight Set is a set that facilitates expanding your studio, for shooting e.g. full portraits and large products. The set contains two light fittings for 5 bulbs, two softboxes, two light stands, ten daylight spiral bulbs and a carrier bag. You can rotate five bulbs in each holder. These turn on/off per two and/or per three. So you can determine exactly how much light shines on your subject. Soften the light using the 60x90 cm softboxes. With a colour temperature of 5500K, the light emitted by the bulbs is equal to daylight. The power of these spiral bulbs can be multiplied by a factor of 5, in order to compare this with the output of a standard light bulb. The total power of 450W is therefore comparable to 2250W.

Features of the Bresser BR-2246B Daylight Set 2250W

  • Suitable for expanding your studio
  • Determine for yourself how much light shines on your subject
  • Total power: 450W
  • Colour temperature: 5500K
  • Softbox dimensions: 60x90 cm


  • 2x Light fitting for 5 bulbs
  • 2x 60x90 cm Softbox
  • 2x 2 m light stand
  • 10x 45W 5500K daylight spiral bulb
  • 1x Carrier bag

Bresser BR-D24 Background Support 240X300 cm OUTLET

This background support system consists of two strong and stable aluminium air-suspension light stands, that are easily folded down to a compact size. On top of these stands is a telescopic crossbar, which is adjustable from a minimum width of 117 cm to a maximum width of 300 cm. You can hang a cloth, vinyl or paper roll over this crossbar. The height is variably adjustable from 120 cm to 240 cm.

Inside the stand there is an air cushion system, which can absorb any shocks when being lowered. The aluminium is finished with black powder coating to minimise reflection. A simple and highly functional background system that is universally deployable, and is easy to transport with the carrier bag that comes with it.

Main features of the Bresser BR-D24:

  • Suitable for paper, vinyl and background cloths measuring up to 300 cm
  • Max. height: 240 cm
  • Max. width: 300 cm
  • Minimum width: 117 cm
  • Folded tripod height: 110 cm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg

Kamera Express BG-3X6-WT Background Cloth 3 x 6 metres White OUTLET

A background cloth ensures a nice, even background on your photo. You can use a background cloth for all types of photography. Think, for example, of family photos, photos of your pet, portraits or even food photography. Using a background cloth is beneficial for many reasons. It is less heavy and takes up less space than a background paper roll, and it can easily be folded for use on location. You can wash a background cloth in the washing machine and can also remove any creases by carefully steaming them out. Cloths are though sensitive to shrinkage, creasing and colour fading. Wash on a maximum 30 degree cycle and do not tumble dry.

Main features of the Kamera Express BG-3X6-WT Background Cloth 3 x 6 metres White:

  • Dimensions: 3 x6 m
  • Colour: White
  • For a uniform background on your photo
  • Suitable for different types of photography
  • Ideal for use on location
  • Washable and creases easily removed

Supplied as standard with the Bresser BR-2246B + Background Kit:

  • 2x Light fitting for 5 bulbs
  • 2x 60x90 cm Softbox
  • 2x 2 m light stand
  • 10x 45W 5500K daylight spiral bulb
  • Carrier bag
  • 2x background tripod
  • Telescopic crossbar 300 cm
  • Carrier bag
  • Kamera Express BG-3X6-WT Background Cloth 3 x 6 metres White
  • Storage bag





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