Since 1947, B+W has been a leading brand in the field of filters for photography purposes. With a filter from B+W, you are guaranteed of quality. During the entire production process, the filters are subject to rigorous inspection. This is why B+W filters are among the highest optical class. The B+W filters are available in various options. From UV filter to colour filter, and from ND filter to polarisation filter.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

B+W Premium and professional

The filters from B+W have a premium series and a professional series. Characteristic for the premium series is the thin XS-Pro Digital mount with MRC Nano coating. The professional series has a thicker F-Pro mount with MRC coating. For every photographer, there is a B+W filter that meets their specific needs.

B+W filters: top of the range

The mount, coating, glass and glass fitting are all top of the range. Passion and precision have made B+W into a market leader. The show pieces are the B+W polarisation filters and the B+W UV filters. These filters adjust the image before capturing in such a way, that the image quality is nearly perfect.

B+W MRC coating

The MRC coating guarantees maximum reduction of reflection and minimises stray light. B+W filters with MRC coating also prevent ghosting. The MRC Nano coating takes it one step further. The MRC Nano coating has been developed to also increase the dirt repelling properties. The 7 layered coating on both sides of the filter increased its hardness, ensuring a longer life.

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