Atomos NEON 17" Monitor

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Atomos NEON 17" monitor

The Atomos NEON 17" monitor is part of the high-quality range of cinema monitors and recorders from Atomos. This monitor/recorder is suitable for any video production and delivers the best of the best. The monitor has a resolution of 20480x1080 and supports inputs including 4K DCI, UHD and 1080p. The display has a clear HDR and 10-bit image that covers 100% of the DCI P3 standard. The brightness is 1000 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of no less than 1,000,000:1. This gives you a sublime image quality where you can see every detail razor sharp.

The NEON is suitable for HDMI inputs, but with the included SDI Expansion Module it is also possible to connect 12G-SDI signals. As well as Loop-Through and Cross-Conversion between SDI and HDMI signals. The NEON records your footage in ProRes Raw, ProRes, DNx or Cinema DNG. You save this directly to an SSD (not included) in the Master Caddy II. The monitor also supports Rec. 709 and Dolby Vision.

Of course, this monitor has various tools for during filming or before filming. Functions such as Focus Peaking, Exposure, Zoom, Wave Form, RGB monitor, Vectorscope and LUTs are available with the simple push of a button. The monitor can be operated with an included remote control, but for even more control you can connect up to 1000 monitors at the same time with the Atomos iOS app.

Ready for the future! The Master Control Unit, the brain of the monitor, can be replaced in the future for a unit with higher recording quality, for example 8K. Then you only need to replace one part and the monitor itself remains usable.

The Atomos NEON 17" Monitor supports the following Input Gamma:

  • Sony: SLog / SLog2 / SLog3
  • Canon: CLog / CLog2 / Clog3
  • ARRI: Log CEI160 / LogCEI200 / LogCEI250 /LogCEI320 /LogCEI400 / LogCEI500 / LogCEI640 / LogCEI800/ LogCEI1000 / LogCEI1280 / LogCEI1600
  • Panasonic: Blog
  • JVC:JLog1
  • RED: RED Log3G10 / RED LogFilm
  • FUJIFILM: F-log
  • PQ10k
  • HLG

The Atomos NEON 17" Monitor supports the following Input Gamut:

  • Sony: SGamut / SGamut3 / SGamut3.cine
  • Canon Cinema: / DCI P3 / DCI P3+
  • Nikon: NLog
  • Panasonic: V Gamut
  • ARRI: ALEXA Wide Gamut
  • Rec. 709 / BT.2020
  • JVC
  • RED: WideGamut / Dragoncolour / Dragoncolour2 / colour2 / colour3 / colour4

Features of the Atomos NEON 17" Monitor:

  • 17" Full HD 2048x1080 Monitor/Recorder
  • For professional film productions
  • Record in ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNx or Cinema DNG
  • 4K DCI recording and monitoring with 12G-SDI
  • Record to SSD drives (not In the Box)
  • 128 Backlight LEDs
  • 1000nit brightness
  • 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Operable via iOS app: up to 1000 screens at the same time
  • HDMI & SDI loop through and Cross conversion
  • Various support functions such as Peaking
  • Weight: 4.5kg

In the Box: The Atomos NEON 17" Monitor:

  • Atomos NEON 17" Monitor
  • Master Control Unit
  • IR remote control
  • Master Caddy II
  • Power adapter
  • AtomX SDI Expansion Module
  • Storage case
  • 1 year factory warranty and 3 years after registration with Atomos





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Screen resolutionDisplay
Screen diagonal (inch)17.0Display
Brightness (cd/m²)1000 cd/m²Display
Recording format4K DCIRecording
Recording functionJaRecording
Storage methodSSDRecording