Arca-Swiss L-Bracket Universal

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Arca-Swiss L-Bracket Universal

This must-have tool is designed to make life easy for photographers! The L-Bracket makes switching from landscape to portrait format child’s play. There’s no need to recompose the image as the framing remains the same.

The ingenious ARCA-SWISS L-Bracket system (pat. pending) is:

UNIVERSAL. It can be used with all the best cameras.

ADJUSTABLE! The ARCA-SWISS L-Bracket allows you to adjust your camera horizontally and vertically, independently from one another. ARCA-SWISS is the only manufacturer to offer this ingenious system! And, if you need to work with your camera tethered to your computer, you can store the cables between the two metal brackets or in between the body of the camera and the L-BRACKET arms.

MULTI-FUNCTION. It’s very quick and easy to remove the vertical arm of the L-Bracket to reveal the camera plate that connects the L-Bracket to the bottom of your camera. One vertical arm can be used with different cameras. If you’re using a tripod and the L-Bracket and want to work hand-held, the camera can be released in seconds, making it quick and easy to flip from one to the other.

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Arca-Swiss L-Bracket Universal
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Arca-Swiss L-Bracket Universal

Arca-Swiss L-Bracket Universal


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